Founded in 1939 | Celebrating Moravian, Czech, and Slovak Culture

Preserving our heritage

As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, we promote our Czech, Slovak and Moravian folklore by demonstrating the ethnic customs of folk dancing, singing, storytelling and crafting. We are also involved in benevolent work and the observance of memorials. Our organization was founded in 1939 and consisted of 41 delegates representing twenty two Czechoslovak ethnic clubs and societies.

The first Moravian Day festival was held on September 24th, 1939 in Pilsen Park, Chicago, Illinois. On that day 26th Street blossomed in the splendor of Moravian costumes, bands, floats and horses as the great parade progressed from Pulaski Road to Pilsen Park. The event was viewed and applauded by thousands of bystanders; thus began the annual tradition of Moravian Day; which even now, is a gathering of all Moravian, Czech and Slovak peoples from the metropolitan Chicago area, as well as the many others who travel each year from all parts of the United States, Canada as well as the Czech and Slovak Republics to join in the celebration of their heritage.

Today, our organization consists of one club. We are still proud to carry on the traditions of our founding members and hope our newest generations will always know of the pride we have in our culture.

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